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Pulmonary Function Test

Pulmonary Function Test(PFT or breathing test) is diagnostic test used to determine a person's lung function. The results are generally used by a pulmonary doctor to treat most respiratory problems.


Where do i get a Pulmonary Function Test?

PFT's are perform in most major hospitals.

All PFT ordered by a Charlotte Lung and Health Physician is performed in the office.


How to Prepare for a Pulmonary Function Test?

These steps are not required to have a PFT, but they are Preferred.

Try not to eat before testing.
Do not smoke more than 4 hours before test.
Do not use Rescue Inhaler unless its necessary. You will receive inhaler treatment during the test.
Do not wear tight fitting clothing, as it can restrict your breathing capacity.

** If you use maintenance inhalers on a daily basis. You can use this on the day of testing. **


What to expect with a Pulmonary Function Test?

You will be asked to perform a specific set of breathing exercises while breathing through an open tube. All measurements will be reported immediately for the Physician to review.